Woven Labels

Cutting and folding

In the last step of production (so called finishing) the ribbon is getting rolled, cut in several labels and/ or as required folded.

The hot knifes seal the cut edges. Choosing the right kind of folding is the guarantee for covering the hard cut edges.

For some labels it is necessary to execute a special conditioning depending on the designated application - labels are getting harder or softer and accordingly properties like hydrophobicity or flame retardance are realizable.


End-Folding: End-Folding
  • standard to sew in at the folded sides
  • two not scratchy fold folded edges
Centre-Folding Centre-Folding Application:
  • standard for the neck zone, loop labels
  • easy fixing in a suitable seam
Cut and ends fused Cut and ends fused Application:
  • especially for using outside of garment outside and four-side fixing favorably
  • easy fixing
Mitre-Folding Mitre-Folding Application:
  • For fixing in a seam e.g. as hanger in neck zone
  • decorative label caliber with easy fixing
Booklet-Folding Booklet-Folding Application:
  • like centre folding
  • occlusion of all cut edges because of three foldings
Manhattan-Folding Manhattan-Folding Application:
  • like centre folding
  • top and bottom edge folded
On rolls On rolls

Other usual finishings are e.g.: laser cut to shape, logo embossing, ironing-backing, overlooked edges, nonwoven backing, self-adhesive backing, 4 side folding …